Art vs Disinformation              Art vs Disinformation              Art vs Disinformation
Art vs Disinformation               Art vs Disinformation               Art vs Disinformation



Disinformation, fakes, manipulation and distortion of facts are becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish from the truth. That is why it is necessary to oppose the spread of propaganda in unusual and creative ways. This is what the international project ARTIFAKE aims at while promoting media literacy and developing critical thinking through street art.

Media literacy is extremely important, but only a small number of people will look for answers or check facts via specialized resources. What can be done for everyone else? For those who do not question the information they receive and can easily be influenced by propaganda?

They will be convinced by the ARTIFAKE project, which is short for “Art Invades Fakes”. How better to overcome propaganda than with a medium visible to everyone and rooted in the expression of truth?

Art is an excellent counter to propaganda!


Art is an excellent counter to propaganda!

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Does the low-quality journalism affect society? The residents of the city, where the almighty Mr. Fake runs the news factory, felt it for themselves. Tina the Сat and Archie the Dog have teamed up in an unexpected alliance and set off in search of quality news and journalism standards. Will they be able to return the city to the path of media literacy and critical thinking?

Art is an excellent counter to propaganda!

literacy test

Are you sure you can tell the difference between fakes and truth? See if you're an easy manipulation target: pass this quiz to find out your media literacy level. Share your results on social media.