Art is an excellent counter to propaganda!
Who is your nanny? Who is your nanny?

Who is your nanny?

Armenia , Metsamor

— Who is your nanny?

— The one who sees me, but I do not see them. The one who hears my voice, but I do not hear his. The one who dictates to me, but I do not dictate to him.

This excerpt from the work of the medieval Armenian fabulist Vardan Aygektsi is extremely relevant even today. The artist suggests looking at modern media, which is in the hands of oligarchs, as a tool for spreading fakes.

Hovhannes Margaryan

Hovhannes Margaryan

An Armenian street artist from Yerevan. His works are focused on comprehending social and political events. One of the founders of the creative group "ARTLABYEREVAN".